June 11, 2018 - As Reported by Bill Ward, HBAI


HBAI End of Session Wrap-Up

Governor Bruce Rauner signed his first full-year budget since taking office in 2015, a $38.5 billion spending plan for the state of Illinois. But critics are quick to point to at least one blemish; a $380 million estimated cost savings deriving from state employees electing to switch from their current Tier 1 pension plan to alternative retirement plans. 

In the weeks and months ahead, conversations on how this hole should be filled (if needed) and the talk for new taxation will begin anew. HBAI must be alert and ready this summer and fall to respond to tax plans that have been floated recently, such as the graduated income tax and the service tax on home repair work. 

Government Advocacy & Political Action were never more important than now!
Here are the bills that HBAI addressed in the past 5 months on behalf of builders, remodelers, developers, and associates.

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